Reliable Generosity is designed to train you and your team to harvest a culture of generosity that will  empower your churches mission for years to come  

The Best Way To Increasing Giving

Reliable Generosity has been systematicly designed to help you evaluate where you are, plan where you want to be and enable you to reach your goals

Old Way

  • Tight Budget

  • Cutting Expenses

  • Fear Based Reactions About Church Finances

  • Gilt Based Offering Times

  • Tired Leaders Carrying the Financial Load

  • Limited Local & Global Impact

New Way

  • Budget Surplus
  • Looking For Ways To Grow
  • Confident & Strategic Financial Plan
  • Powerful Times Of Giving
  • Abundant Givers
  • Looking For Ways To Impact

What Every Church Needs

In this revolutionary new training, you will learn everything you need to know to create cheerful givers, increase your budget, and have a larger impact on the Kingdom.

Cheerful Givers 

People cheerfully give to churches that have a clear mission and are community-focused. 

Increase Budget

Budgets increase when cheerful givers have bought into your mission and vision, purpose as a church. 

Larger Impact

A larger impact doesn't just happen; it is designed and intentionally pursued by your church. 

What We Will Cover

We'll provide Everything you need to know, from budgeting to visioning to execution. Reliable Generosity is the most complete and comprehensive church finance course available. 

  • Annual Funding Plan

    Having an intentionally designed funding plan requires an active giving mindset.

  • Special Offerings

  • Attitude of Gratitude

    A cheerful giver is a consistent giver. We'll show you how to build that culture in your church.

  • Leverage Giving Resources

    Giving resources are the foundation of any active giving plan. Know which to use is critical.

  • Types of Givers

    Organizing and identifying your donors allows you to communicate effectively. 

  • Creating A Giving System

    How to create a predictable and consistent stream of donations every week.

  • Preaching On Money

    Preaching on money used to be hard... Not anymore. We'll give you the formula.

  • High Impact Tools​

    Knowing what tools to use and how to use them are critical. We've done the work, so you don't have to.

  • Learn how to turn the first 15 minutes of your service into a celebration of cheerful givers.

  • Church Health

  • Doner Profiles

    Understanding your data and making decisions based on that information is critical. 

  • Showing The Wins

    Learn the most effective ways to show what God is doing with your church's finances.

  • Active Giving Strategy 

    An active giving strategy is more than standing on stage Sunday Morning asking for donations.

  • Reporting The Right Way

    Understanding your financial numbers is critical when leading with confidence.

  • Creating A Giving Culture

It's our goal that upon completion of Reliable Generosity, you have every tool you need in your bag to grow your church's budget for years to come! 


  • 6 Chapters

    Each chapter builds on the previous for sequential progression of understanding.

  • We know things change quickly, and you'll need a high-quality graphic to help you communicate!

  • We've created templates for everything! This will save you a HUGE amount of time!

  • The $1 Challenge is a game-changer when it comes to your church's finances. 

Chapter 1: Us The Church

We as church leaders have a role to play when it comes to our giving, and a larger role than you may think. This chapter will instruct you on how to create your Active Giving Strategy, and provide you with great study and work tools.

  • Our Role in Active Giving

    Learn how we as church leaders can actively impact the state of generosity in our churches. A generous culture starts with the leaders of the church, and in this training we teach you how to do so.

  • Creating A Team

    A good team is everything when shifting your church culture. Having a team that is on the same page with your mission is imperative, and in this course you will learn how to develop a team for your goals.

  • Developing a Plan

    If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! Learn how to develop a plan that you and your team can follow to achieve your giving goals. This plan will be the framework for what you will follow to increase your giving.

Chapter 2: The Givers

Knowing your givers is a necessity when it comes to creating your Active Giving Strategy. In chapter two you will learn about the different categories of givers and how to best connect with them through videos and other resources.

  • The Types of Givers

    Learn about the different types of givers in your church, and how to properly relate and connect with them. No two givers are the same, so having a plan is a very important aspect to raising generosity.

  • Building Trust and Relationships

    If you want your congregation to increase their generosity, then building trust is a huge part of the equation. Learn how to build trust with your congregation, and how to be transparent with your finances.

  • Cheerful Givers

    If you want to establish a culture of generosity, then you first need to plant the seeds of a cheerful giver. The bible says that God loves a cheerful giver, so in this training learn how to encourage that.

Chapter 3: Biblical Giving

Learn in depth what the Bible says about giving, and also learn how to talk about money in your church services. This chapter comes with numerous scripture references and study guides on how to best teach on money from the Bible.

  • Learn about Biblical Giving

  • How to Preach on Money

  • Practical Application

Chapter 4: Strategies & Resources

When it comes to giving resources, there are so many it can be overwhelming. In this chapter we break down the best available giving resources and how to properly leverage them on Sunday. We also go through demos of strategies and tools.

  • The Best Giving Methods

    Learn how to leverage all of the best and most effective methods for church giving every week, and to which category of giver each one fits the best. Versatility is key when growing your giving.

  • Giving Talks

    Learn how to develop a giving talk for offering time, and what type of talk speaks to each type of giver. Also you can take advantage of our 52 free giving talk scripts and use them each Sunday.

  • Developing a Vision Campaign

    Getting your church to back your vision is one of the most reliable generosity strategies in your arsenal. In this training we will teach you how to find your vision, and how to market it for your church.

Chapter 5: Church Health

A generous church is a healthy church, and that is the focus of this lesson. The goal of this course is to establish a healthy and prosperous future for you and your ministry through recurring giving and management of your finances.

  • Helping Your Church Win Financially

    One of the best ways to ensure long term recurring giving is to help your church win financially. Learn how you can help your church with their own finances, and help them find the opportunity to give.

  • Learning the Gift of the Giver

    The reality is that most church members WANT to give, but have a difficult time believing that they can afford to. That is where we as church leaders can help show our churches where to look for opportunities.

  • Church Budgeting Strategy

    If put to action properly, our course WILL help you to actively increase your giving numbers, but if you can’t properly manage your finances it will be all for nothing. Learn how to budget your finances effectively.

The #1DollarChallenge is a revolutionary new strategy that is guaranteed to see dramatic growth in your church’s generosity. Using the training and methods that you receive in the Reliable Generosity training course, prepare to see your church’s giving skyrocket and achieve all time high participation in recurring donations.

  • Exponential Growth in Gifts

    The #1DollarChallenge is a new strategy that helps people realize their potential impact. By starting at a monthly gift of one dollar and growing that together each month as a congregation, people realize their potential.

  • Coaching and Training

    The #1DollarChallenge kit comes loaded with videos and additional trainings to help you and your ministry team along this six month period. You will not be alone throughout this process.

  • Massive Asset Library

    Along with the training and video content, you also receive access to our massive asset library jam packed with sermon graphics, social media graphics, email and text templates, sermon outlines and more.

Free Bonus #1

Web Based Impact Report

Value: $1200.00

Free Bonus #2

Impact Report Training

Value: $997.00

You'll get full training on how best to share what God is doing through your congregation because of their newfound reliable generosity. In the bonus, you learn how and what to share.

Free Bonus #3

Money Matters Series

Value: $77.00

When you're talking about money on Sunday morning, it's sometimes a little easier if you have help from a visual perspective. Money Matters is one of our most downloaded series on SEED. 

Free Bonus #4

Giving Graphics Bundle

Value: $497.00

Because the world is changing so quickly, you must have a graphic on the topic of finance in every situation. With our Giving Graphics Bundle, you'll always have what you need.

Total Value of Everything Included

  • Reliable Generosity

  • Sermon Series

    The Money Matters sermon series will make it super easy for you to introduce the topic of money.

  • FaceBook Group

    A community of people to learn and grow with designed exclusively for Reliable Generosity students

  • Impact Report

    Clearly and effectively communicate exactly what God is doing in and through your church.

  • Giving Graphics

    Have a graphic ready for every situation... Social Media, Website, Sunday screens, and more. 

  • Bonus Training

    Impact reporting can be hard in this bounce training and workbook we'll give you all the tools!

Reliable Generosity: $1997.00

Facebook Community: $997.00

Giving Graphics: $497.00

Money Matters Series: $77.00

Digital Impact Report: $1200.00

Impact Training: $997.00


Grand Total: $5765.00

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